princess leia

Princess Leia in "Star Wars Episode IV - New Hope"

The Star Wars necklace was designed in 1969 by a Finnish designer Björn Weckström and produced by Lapponia Jewelry. The necklace was discontinued in 1981, but due to its cult status Lapponia recently resumed its production.

The original name of the necklace is Planetoid Valleys. It is made of sterling silver and has a beautiful matte finish. The necklace is 42.5 mm (16 in) long. It is made of 15 sterling silver links, each measuring 27.5 mm x 25 mm

Princess Leia wears the necklace on the closing Ceremonial scene of Star Wars – Episode IV A New Hope. George Lucas initially commissioned Lapponia to create an original design for the scene, but due to lack of time, he settled with an existing Lapponia design – The Planetoid Valleys.

Original Design

The necklace is an original Lapponia design by Björn Weckström

Sterling Silver

The necklace is made of sterling silver and has a beautiful matte finish.

Authentic jewelry

The necklace is an authentic design made from silver. It is the exact same necklace as seen on Star Wars.

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